The Rievaulx Shoot covers about 5,000 acres of this beautiful part of North Yorkshire. The geology of the area particularly lends itself to a driven bird shoot: we have a system of 9 valleys, each separated by areas of arable land; game crops are placed along the tops, and the birds are driven across the valleys.

Rievaulx can cater for anything, from small to much larger driven days for both single and double guns.

Individually tailored packages are also available which can cater for your own personal preference; this might involve shooting three different Estates in the same day using Helicopters to move between the locations with Justin hand picking the Estates to suit the team’s requirements. Once the shooting has been booked the hotel accommodation and travel arrangements can also be arranged to suit your every need.

‘New this season’ we are now offering a full ‘helicopter service’ for teams wishing to travel quickly and efficiently to and from the Estate.