Fine Gun Classic


Fine Gun Classic (FGC)

From travel experiences spanning the globe, the vision of the Fine Gun Classic (FGC) was born. The FGC, positioned as a competition and a chance to mix and mingle with the top shots of the day, combines the passion for the sporting life with all of its surrounding amenities. This is a sporting competition unlike any other. While there are shooting-clay competitions and simulated shoots all over the U.S. and the U.K., none truly test and recognizesthe abilities of a gun in the field. The FGC combines four challenging field events in an annual competition between sportsmen and women from the U.S. and the U.K. Think of this as the “Ryder Cup” of the shooting world.


The Quest

The FGC is a quest to find the best individual game shot(s) in the world; to find out which country produces the finest game shot(s), and to write someone’s name and country into the history books as one of the greatest bird shots of our day.


About FGC


Our Company

ScoutLands welcomes you to an exclusive fellowship founded on fine sporting heritage, upland hunting, one of a kind cuisine, travel to unknown corners, and the joy of family and friends. Our goal for ScoutLands is simple: to create authentic and memorable experiences, and share them with family and friends. We hope ScoutLands will become part of your sporting tradition and a legacy for generations to come. Be part of the world that few see, and even fewer experience.