The FGC is not just a classic clay competition. At each event, contestants will be put through four real-life shooting scenarios to replicate US and UK style hunts and shoots with multiple targets flying simultaneously.
Contestants may use suitable new and used fine guns (Purdey, Holland & Holland, Boss, Westley Richards, A.H. Fox, etc.). There will be three categories for each gauge used in competition. 12 ga, 20 ga, and .410
All guns must be approved by ScoutLands before being entered into the competition.
Three two-day events will be held each year. One event will take place in the US, one event in the UK. Winners from each of the first two events will qualify to participate in the FGC Final. Location for the FGC Final will alternate each year between the US and the UK.
At the first four events (US, UK), contestants will have the opportunity to shoot 25 shells at each drive location. Scores will be out of 100.
Contestants will have the opportunity to shoot a total of 100 shells with one point for each successful hit.
At the FGC Final, each contestant’s score will be out of 200. Contestants will have the opportunity to shoot 200 shells. There will be two drives at each location.
*See rules and regulation handbook for complete details.